Bastion creator Supergiant Games has released footage of the first 15 minutes of their upcoming action game Transistor.

Transistor is centered around Red whose voice has been stolen. She wakes up and finds the Transistor, a powerful sword which she then uses to fight mechanical monsters with.

The game will feature Ashley Lynn Barret, who served as one of the vocalists to the soundtrack of Bastion, as the voice of Red in her songs.

When the game was announced, Supergiant stated that the game have a narrator like Bastion did. However, the Transistor seems to contain either a soul or most probably an AI that allows it to talk to Red and guide her through the levels.

Transistor doesn’t look like just a copy of Bastion. Of course, it features the same great art style and a bit of hack n’ slash but a major new feature is Red’s ability to pause time and plot out specific actions and attacks. Red can also scan posters to “sway opinion” and the Transistor seem to be able to communicate with other pieces of technology to upgrade her weapons and skills.

The gameplay footage, recorded by TotalBiscuit, doesn’t reveal on which platforms the game will launch on but it does say that Transistor will be released in early 2014.