This year’s Xbox reveal was pretty beefy, and it’s pretty hard to keep track of it all. We’re feeling nice, so here’s a big summary of everything important we learned:

  1. It’s gonna be called Xbox One
  2. The tagline is “A new generation begins”
  3. The controller is rather similar to that of the 360
  4. Xbox One’s controller features a new d-pad
  5. The triggers will have force feedback technology, which is cool!
  6. There’s also going to be a Kinect 2
  7. The Kinect 2 will feature a new, improved camera!
  8. This will allow for 1080p filming at 30fps
  9. Kinect 2 will also feature a wider field of view than the original (small lounge owners rejoice!)
  10. The Xbox One will feature USB 3.0…
  11. A 500gb hard drive…
  12. 8GB RAM…
  13. and Blu Ray!
  14. The Xbox One looks like this
  15. Xbox One will integrate with tablets and smartphones
  16. Kinect 2 will know who you are, and load your saves for you
  17. Xbox One can resume from being off, straight into a game!
  18. A new Xbox Live service has been announced…
  19. But it will be based on the same pay-per-month membership scheme
  20. Xbox Live 2 will feature 300,000 new servers
  21. You will be able to share gameplay footage
  22. A new partnership has been announced between EA and MS… zzz…
  23. The new FIFA, Madden, UFC and NBA games will be released for Xbox One
  24. Xbox One will allow “ten times more animation” than the Xbox 360
  25. FIFA 14’s ‘Ultimate Team’ will be exclusive to Xbox
  26. Forza 5 will be released for Xbox One…
  27. And it will be a launch title!
  28. A new IP, Quantum Break has been announced by Remedy Entertainment
  29. Fifteen exclusive games will be released in the first year for Xbox One…
  30. …and a whopping eight will be new IPs!
  31. Stephen Spielberg is working with Microsoft to produce a Halo TV Show for the Xbox One
  32. Spielberg apparently started playing Pong in 1974
  33. ‘Halo: The Television Series’ will be interactive
  34. Microsoft have announced a partnership with the NFL
  35. Call of Duty Ghosts will be released for Xbox One, no surprises here
  36. Xbox One will have early COD DLC exclusivity
  37. COD Ghosts will have the director of Syrianna, Stephen Gaghan on board
  38. COD Ghosts looks… ok
  39. The Xbox One has both an HDMI in and out port
  40. Xbox One includes the ‘Xbox One Guide’, which will be voice controllable
  41. ‘Snap’ mode can be used to allow multiple programs to run at once, and can be voice controlled
  42. Xbox One will have Skype integration…
  43. …which will allow for group calls
  44. Microsoft are focussing as much on video games as social interaction, calling the Xbox One “the next watercooler”
  45. Xbox One will feature ‘EA Sports Ignite’, which will “blur the line between real and virtual”
  46. Kinect 2 also allow for gesture controls
  47. Xbox One will be able to “detect your heartbeat”…
  48. “Xbox Fusion” was not mentioned, so there could still be something up Microsoft’s sleeve
  49. Xbox One will integrate with ESPN
  50. There is still lots more to be announced at E3!