Sweeney founded Gears of War and Unreal Engine developers Epic Games

Sweeney founded Gears of War developers Epic Games

That image you can see above isn’t an example of realistic graphics, but in fact a real photograph of Brighton, where Epic’s Tim Sweeney has given a talk on realistic graphics in video games and the problems that come with them. Who knows though, maybe one day we’ll all be walking though virtual, overcrowded beaches, avoiding the perfectly rendered broken Stella glasses in the sand.

As reported by Games Industry International, Sweeney stated at the Develop Conference that game graphics will soon be “indistinguishable from reality”. However, he also belives that the graphics themselves are only part of the problem. Regarding the issues, Sweeney states:

“That just moves the challenge of graphics to the problems we don’t know how to solve. Like simulating human intelligence, animation, speech, lip-syncing. There are still a lot areas that will require ongoing research for probably the rest of our lives before we come close to approaching reality.”


As shown in Quantic’s graphics demo from E3, companies are already making huge strides towards photorealism.

As well as talking about the technicalities and issues of improving videogame graphics, Sweeney also spoke at length regarding the industry as a whole. Speak on the reason for Epic’s successes, Sweeney said:

We’ve always recognised that the industry is in a state of constant change, and those that react fastest are the survivors


It sounds like a few software and hardware manufacturers that have been in the limelight recently should take note.