Former Activision PR boss Kathryn Kirton based in the UK has been found guilty of embezzling £18,963 ($29,000) from Black Ops to pay for shopping sprees, a luxury hotel and a £1,500 bachelorette party, among other things.

It was reported that Kirton took the money from the 2010 Call of Duty: Black Ops London launch event budget and spent it on a bunch of random things like six iPads and a £3,500 vacation to Florida. She was apparently aided by Jamie Kay, a Frank PR consultant, who also admitted to stealing £5,000 as well.

Kirton’s defense told Blackfriars Crown Court that she was too captivated by the “glamorous and luxurious” world of public relations that she took it too far.

She attempted to cover up her purchases through the Black Ops PR budget by asking Kaye to pay for it on the company credit card which expense claims she then approved.

Kirton’s luxury expense spree were spread out over several months back in 2010 and was only later discovered in 2011 when Activision hired professionals to investigate into Kirton’s purchases.

Both Kirton and Kaye admitted and have been found guilty of fraud by Blackfriars Crown Court. Kirton was given an 18 month jail sentence and a suspended license for two years. Kaye, on the other hand, received at nine month sentence and a suspended license for one year.

However, neither of them will be going to prison as Kirton had recently given birth to her two-year-old son prematurely due to the stress that came with the investigation.

“I would have insisted that began with immediate effect [the 18 month prison sentence] if it wasn’t for the devastating effect it would have on your child,” said Judge John Hillen to Kirton.

Source: Daily Mail