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PCGMedia has lucrative albeit limited on-site advertising opportunities. Advertising space comes in the following forms:

  • A banner on the front page
  • Banners on the side of posts

For examples, see the front page and any post in order to get an idea of what to expect. If your site or product requires our ad-space, we can either create the advert for you for a price (give us two weeks), or we accept pre-made banners fitting our current layout. We may subject the site to coding changes to include other advertising techniques, but you must contact us to discuss this further.


If your product/company would like a sponsored post, which includes, but is not limited to: previews, news, editorials – you must contact us to discuss this. Please note that sponsored work that requires travel, under an advertising agreement, must include compensation for travel arrangements. Private work must be arranged through This is not the same as PR invitations requests, which we fulfill for under our privacy and TOS statements.

PR attendance through a hired agency doesn’t cost you anything. If you’d like to hire one of our staff privately, however, you can do so pending internal review. Please remember that paying for our attention does not entitle you to a biased or inaccurate report. We are committed to delivering honest journalism. All our work, if paid to promote/write, is subject to internal review, and by review of the publisher, however. If you choose to withhold publication, we do not offer refunds for our time spent.

Again, note that preview/interview opportunities arranged through a PR agency is not the same as sponsorship. For information on PR requests, head to our TOS and contact page

Quality assurance

Adverts must adhere to a contextual aesthetic. For instance, if your banner flashes green and pink, offering cheap Viagra  it’ll likely put our readers off. You must, in advertising with us, attempt to make our readers feel comfortable. Only relevant and fair advertisements will be accepted, and they must mirror our TOS and philosophy.

Contact for pricing and inquiries.

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