Microsoft Studios has teamed up with SkyBox labs, a long-time modder of Age of Empires 2, to release the first new expansion for the classic RTS in over ten years: The Forgotten.

The Forgotten is developed exclusively for Age of Empires II: HD Edition and will include five “forgotten empires”: the Italians, Indians, Slavs, Magyars and the Incas.

The expansion will have an all new campaign relating to Alaric (King of the Visigoths), the House of Sforza (Renaissance Italy), Bari and Dracula.

According to Microsoft, The Forgotten will feature a more advanced AI “designed to adapt to changing units and situations like real players, you’ll actually be able to learn effective strategies from PVP from the computer.”

The game will also support easy one click livestreaming on directly through Age of Empires: HD – The Forgotten.