Two South Korean publications report that a professional gamer whose last name was revealed to be “Cha” was arrested by the South Korean police in a drug bust.

South Korean media believe that “Cha,” who is referred to in the reports as the son of a famous actor, is League of Legends pro Cha No-ah. His father, Cha Seung-won is a widely known actor and model in South Korea.

Cha No-ah starting playing LoL professionally last year at the Olympus Champions for the Incredible Miracle team as “Livy.”

Possession and use of cannabis in South Korea is a criminal penalty and will lead to imprisonment and/or a large fine. Also, you don’t have to actually possess cannabis to get arrested. The South Korean police are known to have arrested people after they tested positive for cannabis in their urine or hair samples.

Source: Sports Chosun, Sports Seoul