Apply as a YouTube Reviewer

PCGMedia have boarded YouTube! You can find our channel here, where our creative staff are tirelessly working on new and exciting content updates. Want to be part of the team? Anyone is free to apply to be a YouTube review contributor, but you must be eligible based on the following criteria:

  • Record gameplay from various parts of the game in full 1920x1080p ONLY (unless the game does not support that resolution)
  • Be able to edit the video yourself
  • Provide a cogent and clear audio analysis with good, clear audio equipment
  • Produce regular video reviews of 10-20 minutes in length
  • Always substantiate claims and opinions with relevant footage and/or examples

We do not accept affiliate invitations, and all videos must be posted through our channel and no other channel. To apply for this role, email with any relevant experience. Every application must have a provided example of the contributors work, to prove they are able to produce work to our standards.

Most important of all – make sure you’re having fun!

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