Ah, picking out that perfect DVD from a selection of 10 new releases, the best of which were never in stock. Those glorious late fees, and expensive packaged confectionery. How I lament the day Netflix’s £5.99 a month took it all away from us. But now, it’s back.

Existing Crash Entertainment stores will be rebranded to Blockbuster, the archaic retail store which crashed back in December 201. It’s back thanks in part to the new owner, Jack FM.

What’s more, to compete with Netflix, Jack FM has reached an agreement with Virgin Media which will see Blockbuster offering a Netflix style on demand service in their set top boxes, now named TIVO.

“This is good news for Blockbuster customers in the UK, as consumer demand is clearly moving to digital distribution of video entertainment,” said the president of Dish.

There’s no immediate sign that games will be available for rental, but that could be on the cards after the rebranding and reopening of 10 new Blockbuster stores. LoveFilm, now known as Amazon Prime Video, ceased game rentals early last year.