Developer states that this time they’re really going for the eSports crowd.

We got shown some pretty nifty features in Cyanide Studios’ Blood Bowl 2, not least of which was the ability to watch entire game-playbacks through their new atmospheric “TV style” match display.

Although the developer claims that if you want to hone your skills, you should really watch games turn-by-turn (which you can), you’ll be able to watch them as though you were watching an American Football game from your couch.

This was all proven with X-Com Enemy Unknown style camera actions, and other angles designed to exactly mirror that of American Football games you’d see on the big-screen – thankfully with less advertising.


It’s all thanks to the game’s new graphics engine, rendering a fully 3D crowd, players, and player animations and actions.

If eSports isn’t your thing, you’ll also be able to check out the single player campaign, which takes a lowly crew of Football failures through their paces all the way into leading Blood Bowl celebrities. As you go through the game, your home stadium will even upgrade and develop with you, til’ “Olympic proportions”.

Blood Bowl 2 is looking much more fleshed out than its popular predecessor, and these graphical updates and tweaks have most certainly made it more appealing for those who haven’t yet bought into an American Football parody.

Learn the ropes, and you’ll be able to sell your players to the highest bidder. Upgrades and XP leveling galore.

Developed by Cyanide Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive, Blood Bowl is releasing Q4 of 2014 originally on PC, but ominously ‘TBA’. I suspect, although cannot confirm, we’ll be seeing this on the PS4.