Gearbox Software have launched a Borderlands 2 Class Skill Planner, letting a lot of people that can’t wait (a mere 9 days to go!) to get stuck into the game to have a small sneak peak at the skill trees.

Gearbox Software “GBX PR & Marketing” man AdamF aka Adam Fletcher has posted on the Gearbox forums some neat little tid-bits as well as the skill planners for each character in the game currently (there isn’t one for the mechromancer quite yet)

The layout is a bit of a mess, with the character selection practically hidden at below the large SHARE! section but above the obligatory Xbox 360 bit.

So here are some links to help out.

Character Trees


And as you can see, that tiny text in the centre at the bottom is the character select. No fancy top-screen placement with a wee image to distinguish them or anything.

Also, not forgetting a brief snippet from the forum post that is rather handy.

Things we plan on adding next week:
1) Direct links to builds to share with others
2) “Right Click” to remove points (For now you will need to “Reset” and start over if you want to misplace a point)
3) Sounds from in-game skill trees when adding points

Aside from the lack of top-screen real-estate being used for character selection and the fact you need to reset the whole tree as there is no way to remove points on the fly – is mildly irritating but doesn’t really stop you enjoying this rather fancy Skill Planner that Gearbox Software have been kind enough to put together.


Gearbox Software Forum post