In an exclusive interview with the Lead Game Designer, Walid Miled, we learnt that the Mars: War Logs developer is working on something much bigger than their previous Mars adventure.

Bound by Flame is an action RPG which expands on the scale and depth of their previous RPGs. With massive monster bosses, improved combat, better voice acting and a much larger game, the Spiders have, according to Miled, learned from feedback gained from the Mars: War Logs release which gathered mostly positive reviews.

bound_by_flame-03In our interview, Miled explained how they had kept the critically acclaimed features of Mars, such as the combat, skill features, and crafting, and expanded them into something bigger. In Bound by Flame, players can gain (or even farm) achievements known as ‘Feats’, which will unlock skills and abilities for the player. These can be anything from collecting X amount of object, to defeating a special monster type.

Other expansions are in the character department, where AI allies now use their various skills and level up along-side you. Most interestingly, if they die, you may miss out on a part of the story later on down the road, where that character is a key player. Various offshoots depend on who you keep alive, or who you let die – and both will affect the game somewhere down the road.

Everything is craftable in Bound by Flame, from weapons, to armour, and that’s something we’re excited about since we praised the brilliant crafting in Mars.

Details are sparse at the moment, but check out our interview with Walid Miled below on just what they learnt from Mars: War Logs, and how they’re moving forward with Bound by Flame.

The title releases on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC sometime early next year.