Call of Duty: Ghosts was officially revealed yesterday during Microsoft’s Xbox One event. Activision’s Eric Hirshberg has since revealed some details about Infinity Ward’s upcoming Call of Duty title.

“You just saw a little bit of the teaser and what we’re doing for multiplayer in the behind-the-scenes video,” Hirshberg told Game Informer.

“The idea of dynamic maps is going to be a game changer for us. The map impacting change on you and you impacting change on the map becomes a strategic weapon now that can be used against you or for you,” he continued. “The whole idea of learning the maps and learning the flow is going to take on a whole new level of strategy. I think that’s a big change. The same goes for character customization.”

Hirshberg thinks Call of Duty is “the best multiplayer game in the world.”

During the Xbox One reveal yesterday, it was mentioned the Call of Duty: Ghosts would have an improved narrative. “For the story, this is the first time the enemy has more firepower and more manpower. You’re part of this ragtag, small group that is trying to fight their way back from being crippled or close to obliterated. I think this is going to be a very new experience. That said, it’s a balancing act.

“We have to continue to make the game people fell in love with and know so well and also have to continue to find new ways to innovate. I think this game will find the right balance. It’s Infinity Ward. They started the Modern Warfare series. They set the standard for current gen. They do this better than anybody.

“If you look at the trailer, there’s an entire level that takes place underwater. We’ve had underwater scenes before where you scuba dive from here to there, but this is a whole new thing with underwater physics and underwater gameplay and underwater weapons.”

When asked about possible underwater multiplayer, Hirshberg said, “Hmmmm… We’ll have to wait and see.”

It was also revealed yesterday that the Xbox One will have a new feature called Smart Glass which is basically an extension from the console to a smartphone and vice versa. When asked if Ghosts will have any features relating to Smart Glass, Hirshberg replied, “You’re going to see us take that to a whole new level. A seamless second screen experience will be integral to next gen.”

“It’s been a white-knuckle right, to be honest,” he said referring to how Activision and Infinity Ward as one of the first to develop on next-gen hardware while developing for current-gen at the same time. “First of all, there are the complexities of cross-generation development. Period. And then there is the fact that a lot of the capabilities of the next-gen hardware are still coming online and being polished by the first-parties.”

“So, our teams have had their hands full. What you saw today, I think that’s a really good reflection of what we trying to accomplish. I hope you agree it’s a pretty big change from what we’ve been able to do with current-gen”.

Microsoft didn’t announce a launch date for the Xbox One but we can bet that it’ll come later this year around the same time as the PS4. Hirshberg says that they are planning to release Call of Duty: Ghosts at the launch window.

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