While everybody has their eyes focused on Blizzard’s latest games, many are itching for the company to release the next installment following the highly revered RTS WarCraft III. Though Blizzard hasn’t made any plans for a new WarCraft RTS, a Chinese fan has created one using the SC2 map editor titled World of WarCraft RTS: Alliance vs. Horde.

Though obviously not “WarCraft IV” per se, it’s as close as anyone will get for probably another couple of years (if Blizzard even decides to develop a new one).

Created by StevenLuo, World of WarCraft RTS: Alliance vs. Horde has structures which animations look a lot like when Terran structures are built with familiar heroes such as Demon Hunter and Tauren Chieftain. Hell, there’s even Wyverns.

The map is available on SC2 Arcade and is about 250MB small.