Cities in Motion 2 is a great title with a lot of depth – we really liked it – but on release, it missed basic features such as mouse edge scrolling, and quick saving. Colossal Order have listened to the community, and released a patch to the following tune:


-New feature: Edge mouse scrolling (Can be turned on from the control settings)
-New feature: Quicksave shortcut (Default: F5)
-New feature: Display number of transported passengers for lines, stops and vehicles

-Fixed bug: Citizens don’t use the closest stop when interchanging lines (With old saves reactivate the lines to get it fixed)
-Fixed bug: Sometimes ticket price panel suggest you have lower generic prices than vehicle specific prices
-Fixed bug: Spacebar repeats last button click
-Fixed bug: Missing text when a trying to kick a player out of the game
-Fixed bug: Height tools in mapeditor decrease framerate until mouse button is released
-Fixed bug: If timetable has multiple departures at the same time, only one vehicle is dispatched
-Fixed bug: Stops can change number when editing road under them
-Fixed bug: At some locations placing a stop bulldozes adjacent building
-Fixed bug: After line is modified citizens can use wrong stops (even waypoints) until line is paused and reactived
-Fixed bug: Number of waiting passengers at stop turn negative when line is deleted
-Fixed bug: If mouse zoom is disabled, camera movement is slow until you use keyboard to zoom
-Fixed bug: Broken file in the cloud causes empty load game window

-Improvement: Minimap viewport frustum indicator clearer
-Improvement: Underground view display the grid with thinner lines
-Improvement: Green ticket price colors are more easily distinguished
-Improvement: When constructing roads in map editor allow automatic removal of overlapping buildings

The forums have all the details.