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Press supports indie and AAA developers and publishers. We attend 100% of PR events, including small games or indie developments. We have worked with groups such as Larian Studios and Focus Home Interactive, and enjoy a healthy relationship still. Specializing in lengthy (minimum word count: 1700) previews on all games, and have quickly become one of the fastest and most reliable sources for written previews.

If you’d like to invite PCGMedia to any press event, contact: Alternatively, if you’d like to contact a specific individual, find the author contact details here. (Note, however, the decision on who to send is an internal one under all circumstances).

PCGMedia’s policy is to provide previews for titles that can be assessed honestly – with publican subject to positive reception. We currently choose not to publish previews on titles that either cannot be intelligibly assessed, or would shed unnecessary doubt on the developer or publisher – choosing to wait, under those circumstances, until review code has been reviewed, or our team have independently reviewed the product.

For all press or PR inquiries:


Wargame: AirLand Battle preview and interview

Divinity: Dragon Commander

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments


For bug-related/social networking/discussion issues or feedback, please either comment or message us on PCGMedia’s Facebook portal.


Contact information found here:


All inquiries can also be channeled through Twitter by searching for @pcgmedia, and contacting us there or by using the below form.


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