Perhaps Adam Orth should change his Twitter bio from “Get involved” to “Get involved *subject to a stable internet connection.”

UPDATE: Both Adam Orth and Manveer Heir have taken to twitter to reconcile the matter. Heir has since stated that “We are good friends who joke around with one another. Don’t read too much into our back & forth… All those tweets you are seeing about the city being superior. That’s him just trolling me. And I fell for it. Don’t bust his balls on that.”

Original article:

In an exchange on twitter, Adam Orth, Creative Directior at Microsoft Studios, snubbed at BioWare creative Manveer Heir, when Heir exclaimed: “Try living in Janesville, WI or Blacksburg,” in a comment discussing shakey internet connections, and reports that the Xbox 720 will require a constant internet connection.

Orth replied “Why on earth would I live there?” when Heir tried to explain how some areas of the US have poor internet connectivity, but good electricity stability. Orth previously retorted that “electricity goes down too” when Heir tried to reason that internet connections have a tendency to disappear.


It has been confirmed that the 720 will require an internet connection to play games. This move has faced a lot of outcry from gamers unable to secure a stable internet connection. In more rural areas, and in many urban areas, internet providers do their utmost to run their services as cheaply and efficiently as possible. Often, this leads to downtime, poor equipment, and an overall sense that things internet related are much more peachy in Asia, compared to the west.

Orth’s response, although quite obviously flippant, shows quite harshly how out of touch Microsoft are with core gaming demographics, placing some doubt on the corporations ability to really give gamers what they want. Faced with gimmicky hardware updates and an expensive Xbox Live service, Microsoft do not need another PR disaster on their hands prior to the official unveiling.

Ironically, Adam Orth’s Twitter account is one of the only corporate accounts which do not include the “views are my own” line used as a disclaimer for the company they represent. Is that the screeching of Microsoft PR I hear on the horizon?

Orth’s Twitter account is now locked to those authorized.

Source: Reddit


This blisteringly stupid logic is quite easily dissected. Not every device is “always on.” Every device is designed to be “always on.” That’s the point. If a device is designed to be “always on[line],” then it’s not going to work very well when it’s off[line], is it?