The DayZ devs have posted a new update on their devblog showcasing some new features and improvements to previous issues in the Arma II mod.

The new inventory system features crafting, interchangeable clothing, item degradation, tracking, weapon customization and more.

Crafting is the “next step in [sic] development of our inventory system beyond where it is now,” said the update. “This is not a traditional crafting system, but one that encourages [sic] layers to explore the ways in which items can be crafted.”

They have also improved the zombie AI pathfinding by changing the role, threat and speed of the zombies. According to the devs “it has also yielded performance improvements.” The zombies movements will be more accurate and their speed will be more realistic and “in line with those of the players themselves.” So running away from zombies will probably be a lot harder in the standalone version.

The team has fixed an issue that was previously present in the Arma II mod which had zombies “pop” in and out of the world. This was exploited by some players to tell whether someone was in the area. Now, zombies are spawned directly on the server and their movements are commanded on the server itself making it harder to hack.

They also explain the more complex health system that takes into account the player’s health, blood as well as consciousness level. However, they haven’t yet detailed exactly how these three factors correlate to each other. They mention that there will be a new longterm play effects such as having a poor diet could do to your long term health levels. “We’re sure the role of medical specialists will become very important – hopefully emphasizing social interaction opportunities,” said the post.

Chernarus now has an additional two new villages and with a “true city feeling.”

“There is a great deal more that can be covered, but we’re deeply in the thick of development at the moment,” they concluded. “We’re happy and confident about the progress, so it’s one foor after another and soon we’ll be at the finish line.”