Coming 2013 for the current generation of consoles and PC, Hellraid will be a story-driven FPS cooperative title with melee combat elements, by Techland.

Unlike Dead Island, the game will feature a single player only component, with a secondary multiplayer online cooperative campaign.

The developer outlined the features in the following way:

On your own: Fight, develop skills, collect loot and craft weapons while exploring a world devastated by demons. Treacherous swamps, squalid prisons and ancient catacombs will be among the settings of your adventure. Hellraid offers what’s best in the hack & slash genre but viewed from the immersive First-Person Perspective.

In Co-op: Play in cooperation in a team of four heroes with different skills and weapon capabilities. Slaughter enemies with swords and axes as a Warrior. Heal and protect your friends with the Paladin’s defensive magic. Burn, freeze and electrocute demons with the Mage’s staff and kill with precision of the Rogue’s crossbow.