If you’re on PC, you’ll have gone to the options menu of Dead Island: Riptide to change the default FOV (62.5) before you did anything else. The problem is, you can’t do it from within the game (again!) The original Dead Island‘s default FOV really didn’t do the island much justice, so let’s not make the same mistake as last time. The process is relatively simple, so here’s now:

Firstly, browse to your installation: G:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\diriptide – if your Steam games are installed somewhere else, go there!

Next, look for the folder ‘DI’ inside the game directory. You need to find Data0.pak, and open the archive with 7z zip, or something similar. Put that on hold, for now.

Go to My Documents, and open the Riptide folder. In it, create the folders ‘Data’, and then within that folder, ‘Skills’. Go back to your 7z.zip archive, and head to Data/Skills/ and find the file ‘default_levels.xml’. Drag this file into your new ‘Skills’ directory in MyDocuments/Riptide/Data/Skills.

Now, open ‘default_levels.xml’ – and Ctrl+F your way down to ‘FOV’. There, you just need to set the value you want for the FOV. Save it, and run the game. It’ll automatically use the new setting. I don’t recommend changing anything else in this file, in case it jeopardizes multiplayer.

For those who don’t know, FOV is ‘field of view’. Changing this value will give you wider vision, but a greater sense of depth. In other words, you’ll see more space around you, but things in front of you will seem slightly further away. For consoles, FOV is rather shallow to accommodate the distance from your couch to your console. On PC, sitting so close to the screen, these default values can cause motion sickness in some people, and it feels very unnatural. Some hardcore PC players prefer FOV’s of 95, but I find that 80-85 is a happy medium. Edit: 80 seemed to distort the visuals, and I’m now playing with an FOV of 70. If you have any problems, try 70.

Modding the files in this way doesn’t break any TOS, and it’s perfectly fine to play online.