Deep Silver, the new owner of the Saints Row franchise, are looking for community help in creating the fourth games collectors edition.

Last time Deep Silver created a collectors edition, they made pretty much everyone in the world angry, when it turned out Dead Island: Riptide would ship with a decapitated female torso. You can listen to our thoughts on this in the fifth PCGMedia podcast.

Given Saints Row‘s potential to offend, but the expectation for a contextually relevant trinket, reflecting the games content, Deep Silver said they “want to make a Collector’s Edition for Saints Row 4. One that is, you know, worth buying as a collector’s item.”#

“Now, we have been toying with a lot of ideas, but we want you, the Saints Row community, to vote on what YOU want in a Collector’s Edition. So here’s your chance to let us know!”

Check out their survey for all the options, such as:

  • A Dubstep Doomsday Button 
  • Johnny Gat Memorial Statue (sans breasts)
  • Tie and Tie Bar, Money Clip
  • Ridiculously amazing glass display case with lights?
  • There’s no date set for when the item will be announced, but we expect it’ll be minimally offensive – more likely focusing on one of the games characters or notable objects.