Dawngate was accidentally announced earlier this week, detailing a new MOBA developed by Waystone and published by EA. This will be Waystone’s first game, and it’s looking like they aren’t entirely sticking to the tried and tested formula seen in games like DOTA and League of Legends.

A first look video was released earlier today, showcasing the game’s graphics and gameplay elements. The graphics are cel-shaded, appearing at first to be very similar to those in League of Legends. However, it looks like they’re doing something very different with regards to core gameplay. For example, Dawngate includes more RTS elements such as economy nodes, known in the game as “spirit wells”. These spirit wells create workers who can harvest minerals which improves the economy for the whole team. Enemy teams can harrass these wells, or even take them over. True to other commonly played MOBAs, both teams still have a base (known in Dawngate as a Guardian) that they must defend, although in Dawngate it looks like they fight back.


Interestingly, developers Waygate focus on how important the lore is to Dawngate, something not often considered in the genre. It looks like there’ll be a large array of colourful characters to play, and the developers talk about the map as if it is a character itself. It’s looking like Waygate is keen on seperating the game from others in the genre. Hopefully, Dawngate can distinguish itself as a worthwhile game in its own right, as opposed to another DOTA knockoff.


Dawngate’s beta starts on 24th May, and players can sign up at www.waystonegames.com