In a comment on the Swedish gaming site, an employee of the developing studio DICE explain explains why the game seems to be crashing for some users.

Many gamers have been experiencing issues with Battlefield 4, the title was highly anticipated by FPS-fans around the world. But shortly after release, many people reported that the game was full of bugs and errors. In an article on the Swedish gaming site, user HonK_sWeMoB claims to be working at the studio and explains why players are experiencing crashes and other issues.

He explains that the coding is very different from BF3 (Frostbite 2) and BF4 (Frostbite 3) and that one of the reasons for the big changes are that they want to use the new hardware better by squeezing out the maximum capacity of multi-core PCs and nextgen-consoles. All the coding now run on multiple processors instead of one.

“When a code that’s not “thread-safe” executes on multiple sources, it’s a coincidence if it works or if it crashes. All the codes become “timing dependant” and different hardware combined with different background processes and OS’s, have different timing. “

He also says that “at work, we all have pretty similar machines and it’s pretty hard to cover all the different versions of timing”.
The user claims that they were not prepared for all the issues with Battlefield 4, and that no one EA or DICE has ever said “F*ck it, let’s release it anyway.” He also states that they’re “working hard on solving all the remaining problems within the game, and apparently many of the problems have been fixed in the last patch.  But since the game is so timing-dependant, it’s hard to say how many problems we have left to fix.”

Unfortunately, if you have a certain CPU and you run a certain OS and at the same time you run a certain background process, you could get “bad timing” more often than other people, Timing that will cause the game to crash or other bugs.

The DICE team is currently working on finding this bugs and to fix the game. But the user says that it is pretty hard to find the source of all these problems since Battlefield consist of million of lines of coding. He hopes that the post made the players understand why some of these problems occur and assures them that the team are working on at fixing it as fast as possible.

In reply to the DICE employee, FZ-user Draug sums it up pretty well.

“In other words, the beta test should’ve been tried on a broader spectrum of machines before release.
As in: “We needed more time.”

But, the team at DICE appear to be working as fast as they can to solve all the issues with the game. You are able to follow their work on the battlelog forums in the Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker thread.

The article and the quotes have been translated from Swedish to English.