Divinity: Original Sin may be in Alpha, but there are more NPCs in the current content than there was in the entirety of Divinity: Dragon Knight Saga. A step back is a step in the right direction, and developer Larian Studios are laying the foundations for the next succession of RPGs. The RPG is back.

I got a first look at Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin way back in Feburary 2013, before their Kickstarter campaign. Back then, Larian were almost a million dollars short of the amount they finally managed to raise, and with promises of filling up the world with objects, quests, dialogue, NPC’s, buildings, and other features to make the world more life-like, Original Sin was shaping up to be the answer to a question I’d been asking for a while:

“Why am I so bored of modern RPGs?”

Original Sin has the answer.