Videogame research firm DFC Intelligence reports that DotA 2 has outdone League of Legends as the most played “core” PC title in North America and Europe.

The DFC Intelligence Game Meter draws its numbers from several different sources including Xfire’s 23 million users. According to the report, both titles have far surpassed the third most played PC game in the west, World of Warcraft.

“Usage of League of Legends has been steady the past year and surprisingly the huge success of DotA 2 did not seem to cut into its popularity as much as would be expected,” said DFC analyst Jeremy Miller.

DotA 2 is currently the most played game on Steam with 270,882 concurrent players. The report, however, doesn’t show exactly how many players there are on each region. Riot claims that League of Legends has an average of 5 million concurrent players globally but again, the report does not show how many concurrent players there are in each region.

As of the beginning of 2013, combined usage of the top 20 PC games went up by 20% compared to the first quarter of last year and by 8% compared to the last quarter of 2012.

“The past year has seen numerous blockbuster PC games that have really helped drive usage. This includes among others Diablo III, Guildwars 2, Battlefield 3, Minecraft, World of Tanks and Valve’s Counter-Strike series,” said DFC analyst David Cole.|

UPDATE: Games Industry International and Riot Games have approached DFC Intelligence regarding the inconsistency in their statistics. Read the report here.

Source: GamesIndustryInternational