The Dragon Age: Inquisition website was updated today with a FAQ regarding its newly announced Multiplayer Mode.

Featuring cooperative missions for four players much like Mass Effect 3’s own Multiplayer Mode, Bioware has announced that the Co-Op Multiplayer Mode, however, unlike its predecessor in Mass Effect 3, will not affect the outcome of the Single Player campaign. The newly released FAQ stresses that “[we] simply want to give our fans the chance to play with their friends for the first time in the Dragon Age universe.” They stated that in the Single Player campaign, you have the support of three specialists who can send agents on missions. In Multiplayer, you play as one of these agents.

There will be no Multiplayer-only Achievements, and Multiplayer will feature in-game purchases (but that these purchases can also be done exclusively through playing Multiplayer.)

Twelve characters are planned for release, with four characters under each class (warrior, mage, and rogue) with more on the way after release. All DLC for Multiplayer mode, however, unlike the Single Player packs, will be made available for free.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was announced to be released on November 18th this year.