A fully fledged RPG has been commissioned by the Dutch embassy in Lebanon as a non profit project aimed at conflict resolution in young gamers.

Video games are a cheaper alternative to tomahawk missiles and guerrilla violence

The veteran, now-indie developer tasked with the job, Matsuko, said “Video games are a cheaper alternative to tomahawk missiles and guerrilla violence,” when asked why such a game was being made in the Middle East. That said, Matsuko are adamant that Cedaria is being made for Western gamers, too.

According to the developer, this isn’t some high-school ‘edutainment’ software designed to bore the minds of children. This is an RPG inspired in part by Torchlight and Arcanum. With a background in major MMO’s, Matsuko have written a lengthy, Middle East inspired lore and codex for the game.

“Through dynamic and unpredictable dialogue options, players must explore which each scenario entails in order to appease both parties and come to an amicable arrangement. There is no right or wrong, and we give gamers the opportunity to relate perspective and to make decisions which benefit both parties,” a Matsuko spokesman commented.

“That said, players can mess up, and they’ll have to live with the consequences – just as we do in the real world.”


A pre-alpha screenshot of a town in Cedaria.

The game will contain classic RPG quests, and a rich RPG world, according to the developer, and although this is a game aimed at conflict resolution issues, there’s combat – but it’s a “last resort, and never the best option.”

Cedaria: Blackout is a “cooperative adventure game with RPG elements, featuring a unique blend of Middle Eastern and Steampunk architecture and style,” the press brief reads.

According to Matsuko, the developer turned to Kickstarter in order to make this “the best and most polished game possible.

“This may be a non-profit game, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad one. We are building a full-scale adventure RPG for gamers of all backgrounds, and we are absolutely dedicated to making it the best experience we possibly can – filled with lore, depth, and exploration, with a genuine, relatable message those in the West and in the Middle East can engage with.”

You can check out the newly launched Kickstarter for more information.