According to a Battlefield 4 quality assurance tester, the FPS was pushed quickly through the quality control period in order to beat Call of Duty: Ghosts to market.

“you have EA that wants us to release 2 weeks before CoD to avoid competition”

This news follows an extensive list of bugs and issues with DICE’s Battlefield 4 on release. Random crashes, buggy netcode, dodgy hitboxes and even a bug that mutes everyone on the server have all been reported. Many players have expressed their distaste with the current state of the game.

DICE have announced that they are working on a multitude of fixes, but many feel that these problems should have been sorted out before the full release (especially considering the game had a closed and open beta). According to one of the quality assurance testers for Battlefield 4, publishers EA are at the root of the problems.

A report from BF4Central has printed the damning conversation held between the QA tester and a Reddit moderator:


Considering the sizeable backlash against Battlefield 4 from the affected players, it seems EA may have made a mistake in their alleged rush to bring the product to market. In fact, with the lukewarm reception of Call of Duty: Ghosts, it seems that Battlefield 4 may have benefited from being in the wake of Activision’s poorly-received offering.

Unfinished, buggy games have been a plague for PC gaming, ever since downloadable patches became popular. Many high profile companies have received flak for releasing unfinished products, as seen in games such as Skyrim, Dead Island, and now the latest in the Battlefield series. Unfortunately, this issue doesn’t seem to be negatively affecting sales, meaning the trend is inevitably set to continue.