With successful launches in Paris and Berlin, Meltdown London opens June 1.

Specifically built for fans of eSports, Meltdown will have screens around the bar showing the biggest eSports events around the world. It also has access to computers and some of the most popular peripherals from Razer, Eizo, XMG, and DXRacer. It is of course a bar, so expect drinks to match the theme. There will also be tournaments held at the bar for Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Street Fighter 4, among others.

To get there, tap 342 Caledonian Road, London into Google Maps and enjoy being mugged on the way because you weren’t paying attention. Quickest access point is Kings Cross station or Caledonian Road.

There will be a launch party on the 1st of June starting at 7pm. On the forums for this announcement, the manager, Duncan Morrison, asks all those who’re interested to email him at duncan@meltdown-london.com. Alternatively, check out their Facebook.

Everyone knows alcohol is good for your APM.