The Evil Within, one of the most eagerly anticipated survival horror games in years, has announced that it will be released on the 26th August.

Interestingly, the announcement comes via a Vine video.  (Warning! The Vine briefly includes screaming. It might be a good idea to check your sound before you click the link. We take no responsibility if the police knock at your door for a “little chat” because the neighbours heard the video and got worried)

As is the way of 6 second videos, the Vine is brief, giving the game’s title, tagline “Evil Takes Hold” and released date, along with a human head wrapped in barbed wire. As a massive horror fan, this teaser has me very intrigued, and making a note of 26th April on my calander.

The use of a Vine is an interesting touch, and it’s well used, not wasting a fraction of its 6 second run time. We’ll have to see if The Evil Within starts a trend of using Vines in video game advertising.