Fallout: Project Brazil is pretty extraordinary. A fan-made mod, this expansion for Fallout: New Vegas has been over four years in the making. The mod features a whole new game world, main quest, side quests and 5000 lines of professionally recorded dialogue.


The mod will be released in three ‘installments’, similar to the episodes of the Half-Life 2 series (though hopefully with less time in between). From the Project Brazil Nexus site:

Project Brazil tells the story of your player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18, on the night of the last big Vault-Ball game of the season. The consequences of your player’s decision to dodge or tackle Johnny Matheson shapes the rest of their life, playing as an computer Nerd or a popular Athlete. When the war finally reaches the Vault after one prominent figure turns out to be a member of the Enclave, a civil war erupts overnight, forcing the player to pick a side and escape into the wasteland with their rag-tag party of Robots and Friends.

As well as the new storyline and world, the game two brand new radio stations, playing music from the 50s, 60s and 70s. They will also feature weather reports, news and commentary on the player’s progress.


The mod is available for anyone with a PC version of Fallout: New Vegas, and is completely free. Downloads and donations can be found here.