The Tomb Raider reboot was released earlier this year and was met with positive reviews from most critics, apart from the multiplayer part. A group of friends with a passion for film making decided to make their own movie involving the well known Lara Croft.

The movie ‘Croft’ is almost 20 minutes long and features the adventurous Lara Croft trying to save a young girl who is being held hostage by a couple of mercenaries. The film is well made and Cassandra Ebner does a very nice job as our famous hero. The movie was created independently and for entertainment purposes only.

“Independently produced we chose to use our strengths as a group to create the best experience for the audience we could. Our goal was to make a short film that would entertain and showcase our talents and have fun doing it.”

You can find the movie down below, and for more information about the project visit the developers Facebook page on this link.