According to lead voice actor Michael Biehn, creative director Dean Evans already has some ideas for the a sequel to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

“Dean was with me on the phone last night. He was pretty jacked up. He was going into a meeting today to you know…I think he wants to turn it into some sort of franchase. He’s got a sequel in mind,” said Biehn

Biehn went on to say that he was very pleased with the reception he’s gotten from fans of Blood Dragon.

“I did an Aliens game last year that just, kind of, nobody really talked about it very much and I never really heard too much about it,” he said. “I heard when it came out. Nobody ever came up to me afterwards and said, ‘Oh, that Aliens game was really good’ or whatever.”

“I’m telling you, I have more people approaching me now on the streets about this video game. Way more than they do now about, like, ‘Oh, weren’t you the guy that was in The Terminator?’ or ‘Weren’t you the guy that was in The Victim‘ or ‘Weren’t you the guy that was in Tombstone?'”

“I want to go out right now, actually, and I wanna go buy a system to play the game on, and I want to buy the game, and I want to learn how to play it,” he said. “There’s something about this game, and I don’t know what it is, but it has people, young people, really excited.”

Source: IGN