medicCarbine Studios have officially announced the final two classes in their upoming MMORPG, WildStar.

The Medic is obviously primarily centred around healing allies, but Carbine claim the class can also be an effective DPS. The class uses tools called Resonators, which can heal allies or damage enemies, over a large area of effect. The Medic can also place things called Stations, which act as persistant damaging or healing auras.

The Engineer can be utilised as a tank or DPS. The class makes use of long-range attacks and wear heavy armour. Carbine have stated that the Engineer is a pet class, similar to the more traditional ‘Hunters’ seen in other MMOs. The Engineer is able to summon two bots at once into battle, from a total of four, each specialising in a different role.

WildStar is due for release on PC in Spring next year. It’ll follow a similar payment model to World of Warcraft, requiring a subscription fee of $15 every month.

The announcement trailer is available to watch below, and check out our article that explains why you should be excited for WildStar.