Blah blah Flappy Bird something blah popular blah taken down from blah blah creator Dong blah Flappy blah difficult blah why blah flappy flapp blah.

Yes, we’re pretty fed up of the Flappy Bird phenomenon too. However, as much as it pains us to contribute to the Flappy Bird zeitgeist, this freeware project is too compelling to ignore.

FlapMMO plays and looks almost identical to the original Flappy Bird. The difference is that you are joined by hundreds of other (terrible) players, who you can see playing in realtime in the background.

It’s actually quite relaxing, to sit there after a death, watching the mindless swarm of fellow flappers as they travel towards inevitable doom. There’s also a strange sense of pride to escape the initial rush, and join the other high achievers in the lead.

There’s the occasional slowdown, but overall it’s impressively steady for a small indie project.

If you want to join this weird, neverending flapathon, check it out here.