A talented fan has created a Game of Thrones platformer in cutesy 8-bit style, and it actually looks pretty good. Roughly following the storyline of the epic series, complete with chiptune remixes of the iconic music, Game of Thrones: The 8-Bit Game is available to download for free.

The game is created by a Spanish amateur game designer, by the name of Abel Alves. Many series favourites are playable, such as Jon Snow (complete with his direwolf Ghost), Daenarys, and Theon Greyjoy. Levels are also based around some of the now-legendary locations, with the start of the game taking place on the Wall.

Game of Thrones: The 8-Bit Game looks like a great play for any fans of the series, books or television, if only for the fantastic sounding music. At the low price of nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose by playing it. The files are up for download from here. while you’re waiting for the download check out the awesome trailer.