GameStop President Tony Bartel spoke to Forbes today regarding the internet always-on rumor would prohibit the sale and use of second-hand games. The rumor is currently only attached to the Xbox 720 as Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that the PS4 will not require constant internet connection.

“Console manufacturers understand that recent surveys indicate 60+ percent of videogame consumers would be less likely to purchase a new console that did not play pre-owned games,” said Bartel.

However, surveys may or may not reflect an accurate representation of a demographic but Bartel persists that “used games generate more than $1 billion of trade credit trade annually, 70 percent of which is credited towards purchasing new games and new hardware.”

Despite the on-going negative feedback regarding the internet always-on rumor, Microsoft has yet to confirm whether the Xbox 720 will include this feature.

The Xbox 720 is expected to be announced this April.