Once again, Peter Molyneux has confused gamers and journalists around the world, this time by describing his upcoming world builder as “invest-to-play”.

Godus will be free to play in the literal sense, but it will apparently not be ‘free-to-play’ in terms of monetisation. Speaking to Pocket Gamer, Molyneux states, “There cannot be a term that is less true. What we need is a new term. And that term is more like ‘invest-to- play.’ What really are we doing? We are tempting people to invest some of their money into a game.”

Godus puts players in the shoes of a worldbuilding god.

Godus puts players in the shoes of a worldbuilding god.

In true Molyneux style, he doesn’t explain exactly what this means. He does however claim that, “the point we introduce monetisation depends on the player, and the game maker has to get you into the right mindset.”

Molyneux apparently wants players to feel that “Godus is a hobby (not just a game).” He hopes that players will ‘invest’ money into the game not to facilitate progression, but because they’ll want to.

Reminiscent of Molyneux’s previous announcements, he claims that Godus is something that “hasn’t existed before.” We’ll believe it when we see it.

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