A Reddit thread recently started up an auction to sell a rare item that serves as an alternate skin for the courier unit. The design is a golden baby version of the most powerful neutral creep in the game, Roshan. The starting bid was $500 but was later beaten by a user called “jgros” for $1000.

The golden baby Roshan courier skin is an extremely rare item that became available when the Diretide game mode launched. The mode has both teams working together in the end of the game to kill Roshan. Diretide comes with a leaderboard feature called Sugar Rush Hall of Fame where the quickest teams to kill Roshan become featured. The leaderboard also goes through cycles that reset the top score. The teams that stay on the leaderboard are awarded the golden Baby Roshan courier skin.

There will be approximately 120 golden Baby Roshans ever, 10 of which are given out per cycle until November 12th. Diretide’s Sugar Rush Hall of Fame is currently only in its 4th cycle with the top time being 16.09 seconds.

Cycle 3 of the Sugar Rush Hall of Fame saw a top time of 6.77 seconds and a brilliant use Steam avatars.

Moments later, another team beat them with 6.24 seconds and promptly replied with this.

There is a possiblity that the original poster on the Reddit thread posed as jgros to pretend to buy the in-game item for $1000 in order to make it seem like such an item was really worth that much. However, it is not at all uncommon for rare in-game items to be sold for high prices. In 2007, a WoW player called “Shaks” purchased a LVL70 Night Elf rogue for $9000.

UPDATE: Some people have been accusing the Reddit thread for being fake. We have contacted jgros, the DotA2 player who bought the golden baby Roshan courier skin and have been provided with evidence of his transaction.