Just as Deep Silver’s Queen of PR states on Twitter urging indie developers not to do their own PR, drama swirls between TotalBiscuit, a popular online critic, and Fun Creators, the developer behind Guise of the Wolf, who have taken down his WTF Is… of their game. 

Not directly related to this issue, the timing couldn’t be better. The Fun Creators are claiming they’re being ‘blackmailed’ in a series of ‘vaguebook’ like Tweets on their feed, after the Cynical Brit Tweeted correspondence between his PR guy and a representative from Fun Creators.

The developer claims that an alleged email between the two companies was ‘photoshopped’, just months after the developer of Garry’s Incident aggressively disagreed with the critics view in a similar way.

Fun Creators claim either an individual or company “pushed” TotalBiscuit to make his “WTF Is…” of Guise of the Wolf — or do they, since the email according to them is “photo-shopped.”

In the email, Fun Creators’ tone suggests they will take some action, stating that “FUN Creator is bigger than a couple of videos.”

In a later Tweet, the developer appear to be creating a mock-up email between TotalBiscuit and EA in order to try and prove their point.

As self publication rises, the amount of games that don’t match consumers standards are increasing. This has increased the amount of ‘damage control’ enacted by the game’s developers, usually misplaced, almost always damaging.

TotalBiscuit’s influence has been criticized in the past, leading a boycott of Mass Effect 3, and allegedly affecting game sales of indie games. He argues, however, that his demographic can think for themselves, and no negative influence has yet been proved.

Update: The Cynical Brit released this video of the email, proving it was in fact legitimate.

Fun Creators themselves then tweeted the same video, seemingly misunderstanding that it was posted by a Cynical Brit staffer against their case.

Seemingly closing the topic after their threats, the Guise of the Wolf developer claimed they “wonder why TB is doing this,” despite instigating the copyright claim on his video, which is covered for journalistic fair use.

Update 15th Feb: TotalBiscuit tweeted another threat from Fun Creators, which warned the commentator not to tweet the email sent, as they would “claim it’s fake,” and “get their lawyers involved and sue” the channel.



Here’s a  mirror of his original video.

There really isn’t any need to state the obvious here, but what might not be so obvious is the idea that Fun Creators are kicking the hornets nest in order to increase sales of their game. Morbid curiosity will sell more copies than earnest anticipation for Guise of the Wolf, and all the media attention from this debacle will almost certainly increase sales of the game by a very large margin. I therefore believe that Fun Creators don’t give a shit that they look moronic, since they can disband and re-appear under a different name armed with the loot from these events. The longer this issue is in the crosshair, the more sales Fun Creators are likely to get. It is very unlikely either side will actually instigate a legal process, despite threats from both to do so.

Does this not smell like trolling to you? Sent directly to TotalBiscuit from the Fun Creators, who are probably laughing as they count their innings.