People can get addicted to video games, among other things, but according to a British healthservice, video game obsession is tantamount to crack addiction.

A representative from ADT Healthcare, an advisory and referral service centered on addiction problems, claimed that gaming obsessions are just as serious as alcohol, drugs and sex addictions, according to a report at the Daily Star.

“I’ve heard of people attacking family members in the same way a crack addict would if someone tries to take their drugs,” said ADT Healthcare’s Oliver Clarke.

Apparently, Clarke receives 10 phonecalls a day from “screaming” worried parents. He also runs an addiction counseling service at ADT which one course of therapy can cost thousands of pounds. He went on to say that families who are not able to afford treatment are left without help.

“Kids have attacked their families. In some cases they have threatened their parents with knives,” said “former addict” Steven Noel-Hill.

ADT Healthcare specialises in helping people get over substance abuse ranging from alcohol to crystal meth to cocaine. Interestingly enough, they list “drugs” under the same category as all these substances such as ecstacy, LSD, marijuana and heroin, to name a few. Apparently, there is a difference between heroin and drugs.

They also help with issues relating to addictive behaviour such as “internet & video gaming” and “sex and love.”

“ADT Healthcare supply treatment options for all types of addictions and self destructive behaviours. We do specialise in offering advice and treatment options for video game addiction and early intervention for teenage addiction, but do in fact offer treatment solutions for all addictions from drugs and alcohol to eating disorders and all process addictions (sex, love, gambling, co-dependency, etc),” ATD wrote on their website.