Next Tuesday will see the release of the much-hyped Grand Theft Auto Online. Available free for anyone that owns GTA V, it’s shaping up to be one of the most fleshed-out, non-mmo multiplayer experiences ever released. In anticipation of the October 1st release, we decided to compile most of what we know about the features you can expect.


GTA-V-heistOne of the most exciting features in Grand Theft Auto Online is the prospect of participating in heists with a group of friends. The heists made for the most in-depth and fun missions in the single-player mode, and we can’t wait to try them out in multiplayer. Here’s some of the things you can expect from these larger-scale robberies:

  • There are dozens of places to participate in heists, including gas stations, armoured vehicles, banks and jewellery stores.
  • When one of the players talks into the microphone, the character’s mouth will move in-game. The angrier you sound, the more scared the victim will be.
  • In order to plan a full-on heist, one player must own a ‘high-end residency’.
  • The player in charge of the heist decides who gets what out of the taking, meaning they could give themselves $100,000 and everyone else just $1.
  • If the other members of the heist decide their cut isn’t fair, they can kill the one in charge and take the money for themselves.
  • Hesits won’t be available on release, but added later
  • Players are given roles in the heists with associated priorities

Jobs and Missions

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been known for variety, and GTA Online looks set to continue this trend. With an ever growing list of things to do, and frequent updates from Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto Online could be the only game that fans need for a long time, as long as Rockstar deliver on their promises. Here’s what we know about the missions and jobs in the game:

  • There will be over 500 missions available on release.
  • Some missions will be geared towards solo play, some for two-players, and some for large groups.
  • Rockstar will be regularly adding more missions to the game
  • Missions will be tweaked regularly through the Rockstar Social Club
  • Cash and reputation is rewarded from missions
  • There will be a storyline and cutscenes exclusive to GTA Online
  • There will be capture the flag and deathmatch modes

Sports, Activities and Races

jetskiGrand Theft Auto V came loaded with some very well implemented sporting activities, offering a nice break from the shooting and driving. GTA Online will include all of these and more, with lots of options for groups of players. Here’s some other bits of information we found:

  • Illegal street racing will feature in the game
  • There will be a ‘rally mode’ where two player are in the same car, with a driver and co-pilot
  • Golf, tennis, darts, base jumping and others will all feature in GTA Online, with cash and reputation prizes
  • Races won’t limited to the ground – boat and plane races will also feature heavily
  • There will be a ‘GTA Race’ mode, where players try and get from one part of the city to another, using any means possible


Customisation will play a big part in GTA Online. Whereas in GTA V you played as one of three pre-defined characters, the one you play in GTA Online will be entirely your own. Here are some of the features centred around customisation:

  • There will be a highly in-depth character creation system including appearance as well as clothing
  • Cars will be able to be customised in the same way as the single-player
  • Players can choose their lifestyle choices and character traits
  • Player skills can be upgraded
  • Houses can be purchased like in the single-player, and used to store cars, plan heists and participate in activities

Community input and social features

gta raceRockstar seem to be putting a big focus on the community in Grand Theft Auto Online. Here’s some of the stuff Rockstar are including the get the community involved:

  • Content creation will allow players to create custom races and deathmatch scenarios
  • Missions will be tweaked based on player feedback
  • It will be easy to switch to your online character using the same wheel that contains Franklin, Michael and Trevor.
  • There are several free updates already planned for the future, including more vehicles, clothing, game modes and content creation options.
  • Players can go to the cinema or watch television together
  • Various gestures can be activated by opening a special menu
  • It is encouraged to keep your money in the bank, otherwise players can kill you for it
  • You can use your house to host parties with strippers, or show off huge car collections with garages that can hold up to 10 vehicles
  • A passive mode can be activated in which other players can’t bother you, although it is turned off if you fire a weapon