David Homan of the one-man indie game studio Slouch Couch has developed a game that he hopes will change views about the illegality of marijuana.

The game, called Drugbound, is a multi-platform HTML5 developed endless runner that will have players running away from the authorities while collecting medicinal herbs and dodging bosses.

“How I see it, the more that pop culture is imbued with images and messages about marijuana, the more accepted the idea of it will probably be,”Homan said. “I want the players of my games to question something they’ve been taught or told. If someone plays Drugbound a few times and then comes out with, ‘Oh hey, the US drug war actually IS racist!’ then I figure I’ll get my angel wings or something.”

Drugbound is due to release some time in the winter.

In the recent US election cycle, Colorado and Washington decriminalized the use of recreational marijuana. Yesterday, Massachusetts voted to legalize medical marijuana use.

To be fair, pop culture is no stranger to marijuana culture. Plenty of  famous videogames, TV shows and films feature liberal views towards marijuana laws. Also, it’s not like the key demographic of indie games are people who sternly oppose the illegality of marijuana. It’s great that Homan is putting in effort to raise awareness about a disputed issue but I don’t think a colorful side-scrolling endless runner game that has you running away from the cops and hoarding weed will successfully convince the people that need convincing.

Check out the trailer below: