A new Call of Duty title has been continually release every year since 2003, most if not all of which follow the same theme and gameplay. One could argue that there is only so much you can do within the same franchise in 10 years and while it is inevitable for Call of Duty titles to recycle ideas, where do you draw the line between subtle similarity and plain unoriginality?

A cutscene in recently released Call of Duty: Ghosts has been criticised for being way too similar to a cutscene in Modern Warfare 2 which was released three years ago.

While some argue that this is simply Infinity Ward playing tribute to a previous title they developed, most say that it was laziness and/or self-plagiarism.

The clip features the protagonist in Ghost being carried away to an escape vehicle which is exactly what happened to Soap at the end of Modern Warfare 2, only difference is that he was ferried away by Nikoli and Price. The character mocap movement and the camera are almost identical that it’s nearly impossible to ignore the similarities.

What do you think? Is Infinity Ward paying tribute or has Call of Duty finally gotten stale?