A bug that allows players to make duplicates of items has hit The Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s reportedly having a devastating effect on the economy of the MMO.

Apparently the bug has been known to certain players since the game’s launch, meaning that some are already walking around in full sets of ‘Legendary’ armour. “Gold is already worthless after a week,” states one Reddit user, in a thread discussing the impact of the bug.

The bug is explained in detail in this video, and appears to be easy enough to perform that it’s even within reason that players could accidentally pull it off.

The issue is particularly damaging, due to the bug being taken advantage of for close to a fortnight. Although a blanket ban will help to clear out the cheaters, it appears that the damage to the economy has already been done. There are also players that have not themselves been duplicating items, but instead taken full advantage of the low cost materials to produce some of the best armour in the game.

In particular, the availability of the best weapons and armour to the minority of players could have a huge impact on the player vs player combat. The players will “be out in pvp and will likely be our Emporers in Cyrodiil for months and months to come,” predicts another post.

It is not yet known exactly how Zenimax will be going about resolving this issue, but it’s clear that they’ll have their work cut out for them. The bug has been addressed by temporarily disabling the guild banks, which means the bug is no longer possible.

The patch notes for 1.0.4 also appear to include a fix for the bug itself, but this is only the first step in a long, difficult process for the MMO devs. Many players have been discussing the possibility of a full server reset, which could have a hugely negative effect on player numbers.