PCGMedia in association with PC Media PTE LTD are a dedicated team of support staff, writers, newshounds and gamers. We work together and we play together. One of the many perks for writing with PC Media PTE LTD and PCGM is your access to a full and professional portfolio of work, substantiated by personal recommendations from the editor when applying for any other non-PCGM work in the future. Aside from the obvious professional perks, our reviewers aren’t expected to buy their own games. Games are provided to reviewers once a reviewer is assessed and believed to be able to produce high quality work, and subscriptions are provided for major MMO’s if deemed necessary. 

Your quality of work and access to games will be a merit to both your social gaming and professional career, but you’ll also enjoy playing with a team of relaxed and enthusiastic colleagues.

Positions explained

There are two levels to PCGM/PC Media PTE LTD writer status: Staff Writer and Contributor. Every accepted candidate must enter a one month review period as a Contributor, compensated accordingly as stated below. After this review period, the candidate is either declined or, if seen fit, elevated to staff writer and compensated according to this position, so long as they fulfill the duties below.

Staff writers maybe elevated to a salary. The conditions of becoming a staff writer are thus:

  • Ability to write various 800-2000 word editorial (opinion piece) on a variety of subjects, arguing points coherently – 2/3 times a week.
  • Ability to play through and review a game in under a week (some leniency for RPG’s) – one a week, schedule permitting.
  • Ability to knock out news articles like it’s going out of fashion – staff writers are only asked to write news during slow periods/large stories.

Contributors are compensated with software at our discretion, according to output – every candidate holds this status for a month:

  • Ability to contribute a review independently; proof read ready for publication.
  • Ability to write an editorial on a specific subject, with compensation relative to usefulness of said piece.
  • Ability to knock out news articles like it’s going out of fashion.

Both staff status’ come with OnlineKeyStore Facebook moderator duties which usually include resolving minor issues/crowd control. Optional back-end support duty for increased compensation if you so desire, but this is a full time job (ask for more details).

You’ll also be expected to take part in any team-building events or streams/playthroughs, and regular interaction with other staff members.


Videogame reviews:

Sports games and obscure titles. 


Contributor level and staff level required – compensation varies, possible financial compensation for impressive candidates with required experience.

All candidates must have some level of writing experience, which includes but is not limited to university work.

Applications and CV’s must be sent to with ‘Jobs’ as the subject.

YouTube associates

As of 29/10/2012, PCGMedia are accepting requests for YouTube partnerships. Possibilities entail full creative control of video reviews with games provided by us to supplement written reviews, and sponsorship and advertisement for PC Media PTE LTD group enterprises which include but are not limited to PCGMedia magazine. Contact for all media inquiries.

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