Overkill Software’s latest patch for Payday 2 has been met with significant disapproval from its community.

Patch 11 is 801.9MB big and is the largest update the studio has released to date. It includes several balancing tweaks such as an overall difficulty increase, EXP reduction and an increase in damage for several guns.

Most of the complaints are aimed towards the harder difficulty. Overkill mode, which is the hardest mode, has been made much harder and the SWAT teams have “much better flashbangs.” However, most aren’t complaining due to the game being more difficult itself but more on the fact that there is significantly less reward from the harder stages.

“This patch is atrocious,” said Steam forum user Alkatraz. “It’s almost like they released the patch and forgot to re-calibrate the payout system.”

Some of the other complaints also make note of how the the Enforcer build’s damage has been nerfed.

“The enforcer is supposed to be like a tank but now one shot from even a regular cop deplets your toilet paper armor,” said user ЩĄ | Killer7.

Many are threatening to leave the game unless Overkill either reverts to a previous patch. Fortunately, Overkill has heard the community outcry and are working on fixing the game. Payday 2 director David Goldfarb has promised on Twitter that he and his team will be addressing the payout issues and other problems next week.


The Steam community forum for Payday 2 currently has over 100 pages of people complaining about the patch. Sadly, many of the complaints are not constructive and are in the form of threats that they will uninstall the game. Patch 11 has only been live since yesterday and already people are freaking out because the studio apparently broke their game beyond repair.

Patches that result in an imbalanced game can be frustrating but instead of raging like a pre-pubescent teen, how about offering some constructive criticism instead. The best online multiplayer games today are created by studios that listen to their community. Overkill Software listens to their community. Calm down.