Hello everyone!

Let me just introduce myself. My name is Justis and I used to do video reviews for PCG back in the day.

After a month-long hiatus, we’re back in the news, previews and reviews business. Why were we gone for so long? We were in the process of a change of administration. Now that’s all done and settled, we’ve got a host of new videos and articles coming your way in the next few weeks. Expect a ton of new content with some returning shows on our Youtube channel and a rework of our website!

Big difference is that you’re going to start seeing a lot more ads and sponsors on our website. You shouldn’t worry. We won’t compromise the quality of our game analysis for a few extra bucks. We’re still going to be that review site that remains honest and brutal.

We’re also still looking for content contributors. If you’re interested, you can email me using the link above or even hit me up on Twitter. I’m very friendly! Sorta! Writers and video editors are welcome! If you’re fun to watch, we’ll give you a LP show!

So, that’s it! It’s currently the middle of this year’s gaming drought. We’ve got Gamescom to look back on, we’ve got Q4 2014 to look forward to.

I hope you all stay for the ride!