Mobile gamers will soon be able to record and stream their gameplay footage directly to Twitch, without needing fiddly third-party apps.

“Our vision is to provide the Twitch community with the ability not only to view, but to broadcast live video game content wherever they are, whether they’re on the go or in the living room,” states Twitch’s VP of marketing, Matthew DiPietro press release. “We’ve achieved that with our PC and console integrations, so the trifecta will soon be complete with our deep and concerted foray into mobile broadcasting.”

The Twitch Mobile Software Development Kit will allow mobile developers to use the same tools already utilised by PC broadcasting and capturing software. Features announced in the press release include:

  •  – The ability to capture and broadcast gameplay video and audio
  •  – Video capture from the front-facing camera
  •  – Audio capture using an internal or external microphone
  •  – Videos can be archived for immediate viewing on Twitch and uploaded for sharing
  •  – Broadcast quality can be toggled between High, Medium, and Low settings
  •  – Robust chat options including emoticons badges and chat colors
  •  – The easy discovery of related broadcasts from other gamers

Now all we need is some mobile games worth streaming. Let me know all the different ways that I’m wrong and a terrible person in the comments, please.