Myst dev Rand Miller has put together an alternate-reality game to be funded through Kickstarter.

Speaking at Indiecade, Miller mentioned that he was developing a “larger project” with Cyan Worlds that could possibly be connected to an on-going ARG at the Cyan forums.


According to the thread, the image contains coded information or clues that point to the new project. Aside from a several speculations and theories, nothing has been revealed that is concrete.

Cyan Worlds hasn’t worked on a new project in quite some time. However, Miller is grateful that the mobile market has helped the studio “stay alive” through releasing ports of Myst.

“We’ve got some bigger ideas, some of them we’ve had for a while that we’d love to do and publishers were kind of like, ‘Yeah we want something new and different,’ and we’d show them and they’d go,’…Yeah, not that,’” he said.

“Kickstarter to me is an awesome opportunity, and so year, we’re putting together something for a larger project in the future.”

Miller didn’t reveal so much about their latest project but he did mention that the studio has been experimenting with the Oculus Rift.

We just had realMyst on Oculus Rift and we were wandering around in there. It’s a really cool feeling and then you go throw up in the bathroom and then you came back and try again. But it feels like you’re there in some really amazing ways, I think it’s another level that’s intruiging.”